How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2024

How to Increase Your Social Media Engagement in 2024

Social media engagement is a cornerstone of a digital marketing strategy. By prioritizing it, you can grow your business and generate meaningful conversations with your customers. But figuring it out can be tricky—social media engagement success looks a little different to everyone who seeks it.

Here’s how to increase social media engagement and what social media success might look like for you and your brand.

What is social media engagement?

Social media engagement measures how your audience interacts with your content on various social media platforms. You can quantify how interactive your audience is through a handful of engagement metrics, such as follows, likes, saves, shares, comments, and mentions.

However, there’s no standard number of likes or shares you should aim for; success on social media differs from brand to brand. For example, 150 comments might be high engagement for a small clothing brand but low for a company with a wider audience. Instead, as industry experts suggest, try to reach a 1% to 5% engagement rate.

Why is social media engagement important in 2024?

Establishing an online presence is essential for businesses. It makes it easier for customers to find you and it’s an opportunity to foster meaningful connections beyond the point of purchase.

When your engagement rate is high, your social media marketing strategy is working—your content is resonating with the right audience at the right time. And because social media platforms want to keep their own engagement rates high, they’re more likely to promote well-performing content. Social media managers are at the whims of the algorithm, but these platforms have the power to substantially benefit your business and build brand awareness.

By generating positive interactions through your engagement efforts, you can increase customer loyalty, an invaluable resource for recurring revenue and word-of-mouth referrals.

How to increase social media engagement in 2024

The beautiful thing about social media engagement is you can always improve it—no matter your starting point. Here are five strategies to increase social media engagement in 2023:

  1. Take stock of your current social media channels
  2. Identify your goals
  3. Know your audience
  4. Create a social media engagement strategy
  5. Encourage engagement
  6. Analyze your current social media engagement rate
  7. Define Your Social Media Engagement Goal
  8. Research Your audience
  9. Create and share valuable content and social media posts
  10. Utilize social listening tools
  11. Choosing hashtags that are trending and relatable
  12. Keep an eye on user-generated content
  13. Be creative with videos
  14. Connect with influencers
  15. Work on creating a strong Call-to-action
  16. Run Contests And Giveaways
  17. Make Use of Images In Every Post
  18. Ask Questions
  19. Optimize Your Headlines
  20. Make use of Two Attention Grabbing Words at the Start of a Post

1. Take stock of your current social media channels

Assess where you are by using built-in tools on your social media accounts and third-party platforms (like followersav, smmsav and Determine how many followers you have across platforms, what content performs well, what hasn’t worked, who your natural champions are, and when your audience tends to show up the most.

Then, use an online engagement calculator—which divides your interactions per post by the total reach—to find your current engagement rate.

Once you know your starting point, you can map out where you want to go. If your engagement rate doesn’t meet the 1% to 5% threshold, then you know you have room for improvement. If it falls within that number, you can decide if your strategy needs tweaking.

2. Identify your goals

Before setting a plan in motion, narrow down what metrics you want to improve and why. There are myriad ways to gain more followers, but if your strategy only attracts unengaged users who aren’t liking, commenting, or sharing your posts, it won’t improve your rate.

Take time to outline what you hope to achieve. Ask yourself if engagement means comments, the ability to generate leads from your social media posts, regularly conversing with followers, or something else. By answering these questions, the specifics of your ideal approach can begin to emerge.

3. Know your audience

To make meaningful gains in audience engagement, identify your target audience—the people who are most likely to enjoy what you do and tell all their friends about it. Once you know your target demographic—where they live, their age, occupation, income, style—analytics tools can help you find the best way to reach them, including posting when they’re most likely to be online and tapping into the content that already resonates with them.

4. Create a social media engagement strategy

After identifying what you’re working with and where you want to go, sketch out your social media strategy. Remember: A social media strategy evolves. Give yourself time to assess a new approach, and if it doesn’t yield the desired results, don’t take it personally. Switch it up, and try again.

Here are a few tips for crafting a well-rounded social strategy:

Pick your channels

It’s a common misconception that a brand needs to be anywhere and everywhere all at once. Each social network has its own audience and particularities, so determine the best fit for your brand and focus your efforts on a dedicated selection of social media pages.

Create content that best suits each platform

Visuals and video content are a must for Instagram Stories, TikTok, or YouTube, while snappy written content is a better fit for X (formerly Twitter) or Threads. Facebook is a great place for community announcements like in-person events. When you customize your content accordingly, you play to the strengths of each platform.

Partner with like-minded brands

Brand partnerships can be a great way to access new audiences, either by cross-promoting product links or hosting a joint giveaway.

5. Encourage engagement

Authentic conversations propel engagement rates; a platform is more likely to promote content that prioritizes these interactions. Here are a few ways to encourage social media users to connect with you:

Post consistently

When you post every day, your followers become accustomed to seeing you on their feeds and are more likely to engage with what you show them.

Be genuine

People are more likely to engage with a brand that engages back: Respond in a timely manner to comments and questions with a natural, friendly tone.

Host interactive campaigns

Anything that requires a response in the comments, tagging a friend, or branded hashtags can be a great way to spark conversation.

6. Analyze your current social media engagement rate

You can only set benchmarks by understanding where you stand currently. Begin with some social listing tools that will give you a detailed report of your social mentions, likes, shares, and more.

Calculate an average number of social mentions you are getting currently, figure out the peak days, and try studying a trend, if any, as it may help frame the future strategy.

7. Define Your Social Media Engagement Goal

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for a social media engagement plan, be it for a product launch or sustenance, small and mid-size business, or enterprise. As per your business goals, your social media engagement plan will be articulated.

We’ve mentioned some of the social media engagement goals you might consider:

  • Developing or changing brand perception
  • Developing new customer leads
  • Collecting feedback about new products
  • Educating your audience with resources and advice
  • Launching a new product or service

These goals will define what social media engagement plan will work best for you and how to increase social media engagement organically.

8. Research Your audience

Imagine talking about parenting to an age group of 18 years. Will you get engagements? Certainly Not!

Before planning your content strategy, know your audience to the core. Create target buyers’ personas, learn about their pain points, what motivates them, what kind of content they engage in, their demographics, etc.

Here’s what you should do to research and find your social media target audience to improve social media engagement rate:

  • Get to know your audience through Facebook Insights. On your Facebook page, click the insights button and open the people’s section to find your audience demographics and the topics they are interested in. This will help find the right target audience and improve social media engagement rate.
  • Analyze competitors’ social media pages, and look into comments to understand what the audience wants. You may use tools like Followersav, Smmsav and to analyze the competitors’ Twitter followers.
  • Use Google Analytics to learn about your target audience; it comprehends different categories like demographics, interests, income, etc.
  • Check on Quora and Reddit, and deep dive into conversations to figure out your target audience.

9. Create and share valuable content and social media posts

Content and engagement go hand in hand. Nobody likes going through dull content. Content that solves the user’s pain points is well-researched, has something new to offer, is easy to read, and is visually appealing will gain engagement.

Focus on creating topical content. Be part of a conversation related to buzz around a current event.

Don’t sell but solve users’ pain points! Look at Nike as a case study, they never talk about how great they are as a brand, but they solve users’ pain points. They work on building communities and enhancing their audience’s lifestyle.

We’ve even got you the various types of content on social media engagement posts that will get you engagements:

Create and share valuable content and social media posts

Other ways to improve social media engagement by generating engaging content are by staying updated about what is happening around you, joining noteworthy and trending conversations, and sharing opinions or comments on any event related to your niche. Additionally, social media services can do so by using viral memes and being instant in responding to comments and social mentions, and most important, being proactive & responding timely to not lose upon engagements.Engagement is a two-way street. Learn to hear what people say about your brand and respond to criticism constructively and positively. Acknowledge and address users’ complaints, and show them how much you value their feedback; this is one of the best tips to increase social media engagement.

Offer Value to your followers by giving them valuable tools that they can use to improve their lives, like guides or templates. For example, invite your followers to attend an upcoming event or a webinar you’re hosting where they can learn something new and ultimately boost your social media engagement rate.

10. Utilize social listening tools

Thanks to digital marketing, we’ve got a plethora of tools to the rescue. Using these top social media monitoring tools, you can immensely drive engagements, manage your content, and monitor your performance. Constant social media posts will lead to boost your social media engagement.

Here’s what you may consider opting for when thinking of how to boost social media engagement:

Using social listening tools like Biteable, you can easily create engaging, entertaining, and informative short videos to share on social media. In addition, Buffer is an excellent tool for scheduling your content posted across social media platforms.

Get your hands on Buzzsumo, a research tool that tells you how your content is performing and perceived. Next, you may get friendly with Mention, a highly comprehensive social listening tool. It monitors mentions of your brand, products, or competitors in real-time.

No wonder these tools get you some tremendous results, but they require time and resources. This is why most brands prefer working with a professional social media marketing agency that can provide end-to-end solutions and ways to boost social media engagement. This will let you focus on other primary tasks while the rest is well-managed.

11. Choosing hashtags that are trending and relatable

Hashtags are the connecting dots that make you reach the right audience, who have an appetite for your content and motive to make a purchase decision. Thereby your social media management services must choose hashtags carefully and try using tools like Hashtagify. me to analyze the trending ones.

Do you know that Instagram allows for up to 30 hashtags per post? But that does not mean flooding your content with hashtags, as it looks unprofessional. Try using targeted ones only, and a decent number would be 10-11 to go for.

Use branded hashtags initially. A branded hashtag is a hashtag that involves the name of a brand. Here are some examples:

  • #NationalFriedChickenDay by KFC
  • #ShareACoke by Coca-Cola
  • #LetsDoLunch by Domino’s Pizza
  • #OreoHorrorStories by Oreo
  • #WorthSaying by L’Oréal Paris

12. Keep an eye on user-generated content

Are you aware of the finest social media marketing method with zero-cost involvement? 

It’s “User-Generated Content,” content by your audience, approved by them, and a testimonial for your brand.

13. Be creative with videos

“A Picture speaks a thousand words,” and how the brain processes visuals faster than text is fantastic. There is no second thought that videos have a much higher social media engagement rate and a longer shelf life.

As a professional social media engagement agency, we recommend using Instagram Reels; it’s fun, people love watching it, and you can use unique filters to make your content stand out. Make sure to check out Instagram, IGTV, and Facebook stories as well.

In terms of content related to your niche, develop video content on the news and trending topics. Create videos that teach something. Like you are a clothing brand, and if you try selling your product directly, no one will consider it until you have something exceptional to offer. A more thoughtful approach could be teaching the audience about things they may relate to. For example,” Friday dressing basics,” “How to dress for your interview,” and indirectly placing your brand.

Come up with behind the scene videos, videos of your personal experiences. The audience will love it, share it, and you will enjoy a better social media engagement rate.  

14. Connect with influencers

If you want to connect to a broader audience in a limited time, there is no better approach than working with an Influencer. They are the thought leaders with a tremendous following and can enable your message to reach the right audience. Also, they get your brand a powerful voice, credibility, and genuine authenticity! They even have expertise in creating engagement posts for social media.

To work with an influencer, here’s what is required:

  • Define your goals and the audience
  • Mark a budget
  • Profile and shortlist your influencer
  • Check on campaign metrics
  • Share and reshare the campaign

15. Work on creating a strong Call-to-action

Looking for how to improve social media engagement? Or drive more engagement? Ask for it in a humble way through strong CTA examples!

A compelling call to action leads to engagements in the form of likes, shares, comments, and mentions. You can ask for engagement in the form of:

  • Creating an account,
  • Requesting a proposal,
  • Requesting a quote,
  • Entering a contest,
  • Signing a petition,
  • Registering for a course,
  • Subscribing to newsletters,
  • Sign up for your free trial,
  • Download my guide,
  • Get your free instant quote

16. Run Contests And Giveaways

The simplest way to boost social media engagement is to conduct contests and giveaways. You can make the visitors take some actions, like visiting your site’s landing page, which you could retarget.

Using tools such as Rafflecopter, you can improve social media engagement as well as social media following according to contest needs. You’ll also be required to give away a prize to a winner, and it could be expensed through your brand.

17. Make Use of Images In Every Post

As stated by Buffer, tweets that contain images are expected to receive 150% more retweets as compared to tweets without images. Images attract more attention when browsing through newsfeeds relative to clear text.

Including relevant images in your social media posts will help boost your social media engagement.

18. Ask Questions

When you post something on social media, a simple way to boost social media engagement is to ask questions. Asking appropriate and fun questions is an excellent way to make your visitors leave a comment on the post.

For instance, you can ask a question like what made you smile today? Or  What is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for you? This enables you to merge your product or services into the question at the same time, being playful with your visitors.

19. Optimize Your Headlines

Remember that the headlines of your social media posts must be honest and gripping. Even if you’re attempting to attract traffic to come back to your blog or product page, you can use the CoSchedule tool to create an enthralling headline.

This tool lets you optimize headlines to increase social media engagement through clicks, likes, or shares. This tool scores your headline, and you can also make changes to your headline to improve your score. You must aim for a score of more than 70.

20. Make use of Two Attention Grabbing Words at the Start of a Post

Another essential thing to remember is to use two attention-grabbing words at the start of a post; it helps receive more engagement. For instance – assume that you’re running a contest or a giveaway, then you can write – “GiveAway Alert” or “Contest Alert.”

21. Make-of-Use Emojis

According to a study, emojis are thought to be identical to human faces by our brains; that’s why user engagement through emoji is more than what you see with plain text or some other content type.

Every emoji can boost social media engagement by a different percentage for example, according to Quintly, when you use emoticons in your post, user engagement increases by a massive 48% and has an interaction rate of 2.21%, whereas posts without emoticons have 1.77%, on Instagram.

These were some of the quick and profound ways to increase engagement on social media for your brand. However, as stated above, monitoring your efforts is critical; our next section will guide you on measuring social media engagements quickly and in no time.

Boost Your Social Media Engagement in 2024

How To Measure Social Media Engagement?

Now that you know the ways to increase social media engagement and how to improve social media engagement,  we are sure that like and comments will be flying your way; at the same time, measuring the efforts is equally important, and here is what you need to do on each of the social media platforms:

Facebook Analytics dashboard gets you comprehensive data on audience engagement. For example, it lets you track how many people saw your post, how many interacted with it, and whether people hid it or reported it as spam. You can also follow the audience’s type of action on your Facebook page.

On Facebook, you can track the audience demographics, age group, interest, what time they generally visit your page, which section is the most-watched on your page, and your post-performance thereby, you may come up with a robust social media engagement strategy.

Similarly, social media management services use robust tools to track social media engagements on Twitter. You can check on engagements, impressions, percentage reach, link clicks; audience preferred time of interacting with your post, time zone they live in, and much more.

Moving on to Instagram, with a business profile, you’ll access Instagram Insights to track your social media engagement. The comprehensive dashboards get you insights into audience demographics, gender, interest, age group, the optimal time of the active audience, and the most popular content.

Going by the definition, engagement rate is calculated as the total number of interactions your content receives divided by your total number of followers, multiplied by 100%. For instance, your brand page has a massive following but needs more interactions and shows better content quality. As per marketing experts, a reasonable engagement rate is between 1% to 5%.

Social media engagement FAQ

How do you build engagement on social media?

The best social media engagement ideas require a multifaceted approach involving trial and error. Experiment with interactive campaigns to stimulate conversations while staying true to your brand’s essence, or post during your audience’s peak activity times and promptly engage with comments to humanize your online presence.

What are good social media engagement metrics?

Various engagement metrics determine your social media performance, including follows, conversions, likes, comments, mentions, and reshares. Together, these reflect how well your social media content resonates with your audience.

What is the most important factor that drives engagement to a social media post?

If you’re looking to boost engagement rate overall, consistency is the one factor that can drive results. What drives engagement to any given post is a bit closer to alchemy: It takes a combination of authenticity, value, and brand voice. If the content is a true representation of your brand and it’s clear what you bring to the table, people will likely notice.

Can paid promotions improve engagement?

Yes, paid promotions can increase engagement. By showcasing your social media marketing efforts to a broader audience, you can naturally increase engagement rates. This is especially effective when using tactics like branded hashtags or friend-tagging giveaways.

What metrics should be measured in social media?

The social media metrics your organization uses to evaluate success and identify opportunities must be on the basis of your business plans. Here are the most common metrics used to calculate social media marketing performance:

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Mentions
  • Social Referral Traffic
  • Followers

Which social media platforms must be used?

It’s simple to get engrossed in promoting the latest social media platforms. Still, every social media platform your social media engagement services embrace needs time, effort, and budget to accomplish business objectives efficiently.

To begin with how to boost engagement on social media, select one or more platforms that make more sense and genuinely benefit from them by making regular and highest-quality posts. 

How can I increase my social media followers?

When you appropriately manage your social media features, you’ll see an increase via targeted boosts or advertisements, precisely creating copy, highly collaborative resources, fascinating illustrations, and platform-precise best practices.

Remember the value of procuring new and qualified followers. Because it means your latest followers must be part of your target readership and not just breathing humans. Also, refrain from purchasing followers or making use of some other problematic techniques because it’s not going to help your business.

Thus when your social media account has lively and frequently posted content supported by a few skilled strategies for marketing, high-quality followers increase organically.

When a social media account has vibrant and regularly posted content backed with some professional strategies for promotion, quality followers grow naturally.

What are some common challenges with social media marketing plans?

The majority of companies aren’t successful in curating content, especially for each social media platform. Whereas multiposting on Facebook and Instagram might be suitable, we, as professional social media services, suggest at least optimizing the descriptions of your posts for every platform.

Another common challenge is the use of hashtags on social media platforms. It makes your brand look professional on social media, which is a type of social proof.

Why should businesses invest in social media marketing?

At the minimum, social media is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and develop a network of prospects. Social media could be a significant sales driver and a catalyst for communication.

It’s the best way to make visitors seem like a part of your business, which increases purchases. Ultimately targeting an audience is an excellent way to invest in social media marketing.


No matter how many followers you gain on social media, the actual representation of your social dominance is “Engagement.” Imagine being part of an event with a massive gathering, but everyone is a silent spectator — no conversation, no engagement. Would you enjoy it? Of course not!!!

The crux here is to focus on enhancing the social media engagement rate by:

  • Investing in producing quality content,
  • Paying attention to what users are talking about,
  • Keeping an eye on industry trends,
  • Creating engagement posts for social media,
  • Indulging in your creative heads to come up with exciting videos,
  • And above all, find the best social media marketing agency that gets you long-term social media engagements with the right audience.

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