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Buying YouTube comments and real custom comments is a great way to increase engagement and visibility for your videos. Instant delivery services make it easy.



YouTube is the number one platform for promoting your video content, reaching your target audience, making your image more recognizable, and turning into real influence. However, becoming famous on this network needs time and effort. You should pay a lot of attention to users’ engagement and social signals. Comments are among them, playing a significant role in connecting with the community.

We know you have questions. After all, are the comments really that important to building your brand? Why can’t you just create quality videos, post them, and expect the fans to flock in? The idea that if you build it, they will come is antiquated. The reality is that every brand needs support. You have to learn to play the game to stay ahead of the competition. For example, buy YouTube comments to increase the engagement rate. At Followersav, we are available to provide you with the necessary services to boost your account at a fraction of the time and cost.

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Buy YouTube Comments

Wondering why you should buy YouTube comments? YouTube is one of the most effective social media channels when it comes to marketing your services or content. Some entrepreneurs have a YouTube presence to share their regular official insights with the audience; some have channels to upload videos by editing them; some are the influencers who create their channels to address specific social issues and more.

Today, almost every profession is available on YouTube, such as teachers making videos to help students so others can also learn with no boundaries, and there is a lot more.

YouTube has made it easier for everyone to search, learn, and implement stuff that is not possible on any other social media channel. But getting visibility to your uploaded videos on YouTube is not as easy as it is on other channels. And this is the point that makes people buy YouTube commentslikes, and views.

On the other hand, a huge ratio of people uses YouTube to market their content to the world, such as funny videos, reviewing, mimicking, and much more, to become a YouTube sensation.

It’s not a platform that shows your talent to the world but allows you to earn a lot depending on your channel’s engagement and audience. You can now buy real YouTube comments, high-quality views, custom comments service, and much more at affordable rates.

Buy YouTube Comments

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments in 2024 is one of the best places in 2024 to buy YouTube Comments since it offers high-quality services. Buy YouTube Comments from reputable sources to boost your visibility, engagement, and reach. Gain a competitive advantage and take your content to new heights.

Why Buying YouTube Real Comments Is Important?

Your work needs to be seen! You have something to say, a product that can solve a problem or provide a laugh to brighten a person’s day. Still, at the end of the day, you want to create, not work on the back-end hacking away at SEO and copy. You went into video creation because that is what you enjoy. But not enough people are engaging, and you aren’t sure what to do next.

The traditional way of getting high-quality genuine comments requires a lot of work. You spend all of that time crafting perfect videos, formatting, editing, and uploading videos. Then you have to write copy that captures the attention of the viewers and the algorithms, cross share on other social media and video sharing sites, hire an SEO agency, and gain the attention of influencers for your brand. What if you could skip all of this nonsense and simply focus on the videos that you create, upload, and let the engagement happen? What if your organic YouTube views actually led to more subscribers? It can, with the right service.

  • When you buy YouTube comments, you are doing just that.
  • You are skipping the tedious tasks that only offer the hope of being noticed, and you are going straight to what the social media algorithms actually want.
  • Having many replies alerts the algorithms that your content is relevant to your audience and will therefore be relevant to a broader audience.
  • It starts to put the video in front of more people, which then increases YouTube views, which leads to more likes, which leads to more comments, and the circle continues.

Get more YouTube Comments in organic ways.

Buying high-quality YouTube Comments is a simple and effective way to increase the amount of YouTube Comments within a very short time. With the reach and visibility gained achieved by this measure, you should prepare yourself to receive many more YouTube Comments organically. This is the only way to ultimately reach your full potential. So a mix of purchased and organic YouTube Comments is the key to quick success. But how do you manage to get more viewers to comment?

Get more YouTube Comments in organic ways

Buy YouTube Custom Comments

Receive real YouTube comments manually written by us. Comments will come from active and real accounts, and they will be relevant to your specific video. You can let our team decide the content, or tell us what to write.

Comments from unique locations and devices

We use so-called virtual browsers, bound to unique IP addresses. Therefore, even if you purchase 50 comments, each one will come from a completely unique account.

  • Unique devices
  • USA, Europe or Asia

Organic comments, according to your inputs

  • Female or male accounts
  • Speed up to your choice
  • Country of your choice (limited

Custom & Real YouTube Comments

• Comments coming from real accounts, on their own device/IP (mostly USA)

• Comments are manually handwritten by us.

• You can decide what message we will write in the comments, by filling the form!

• If you don’t, no problem. We will decide what comments to add based on your video. Comments will therefore be relevant to your video and have a positive vibe!

• We will also like other comments and, sometimes, reply to them.

• We will reply to your comment replies

✍️ Written by real people managing real accounts

Bonus likes. While commenting, we will also drop a free like on the video and other comments!

Emojis accepted! Since they are written by us, comments can include emojis

✔️ Safe and stable

⚡ Comments are delivered at normal speed (200 comments per day)

Buy real and handwritten comments in english, the content of which is chosen personally by us also taking into consideration your video (therefore relevant comments). Video will be commented by verified, active google accounts with profile picture and videos.

All comments are manually written by us and while commenting your video (if you want) we will also drop a like!

Video comments tend to correspond with higher rankings similar to Likes and Dislikes. (Case study on 100k videos)

Buying YouTube comments is not just a smart way to give positive feedbacks to your video and increase conversion. They also increase video’s ranking.

Benefit Buy YouTube Custom Comments

  • Comments, as well as likes and shares, contribute to the engagement rate of a video. On YouTube, the engagement rate is not a fundamental metric in terms of SEO, but the higher it is, the better!
  • Comments on a YouTube video are also a feedback to the video itself, which sometimes also affect other users behaviour and opinion. And let’s face it, how many times do we all scroll through the comments section even while playing a video? Having positive comments makes the video more attractive and appreciated, and can improve the conversion of new visitors into subscribers. If you are promoting a product or service, they can be a great marketing tool.
  • They can keep the visitor longer on your channel, and YouTube loves retention. Why? Because sometimes we all love to get lost reading the comments of the video.

Benefit Buy YouTube Custom Comments

Benefits of Buying Comments on YouTube Videos

When you buy YouTube video comments, you create a strong foundation for your online community, a place where your customers can connect and learn more about your brand. You begin to build an authentic platform where communication is encouraged, questions asked, and answers given. Your fan base begins to transition from a small number of followers to loyal customers.

Thus, buying YouTube comments, you:

  • attract new visitors,
  • gain ranking,
  • and grow your fan base.

The more people who engage with your channel and videos, the more your popularity grows. There are many strategic ways to increase your reach, but most of them require more work than it takes to make the initial video. There is a more straightforward way.

Buying YouTube Comments Encourages Engagement

Getting your audience to leave a good reaction, especially to a new account or video, increases the likelihood that others will give their opinions in writing. It will also increase likes and shares. There are many reasons for this.

  • Getting the first comment on a new video is the hardest. No one wants to go first and put their genuine opinion out there. Viewers tend to be shy and need validation from someone else who has gone before.
  • Every comment received communicates that your video has value to the platform’s algorithms, thereby putting it in front of more people.
  • The more comments you have on a post, the more others feel free to share their opinions.

Purchasing high-quality YouTube comments provide your viewers with a dose of courage to jump into the conversation rather than asking them to start the conversation. The more comfortable the viewer feels, the chattier they get. Your entire channel will benefit. This increases engagement as well as makes the viewer take a small amount of ownership of your brand. It’s a connection you don’t want to pass up. Brand loyalty is essential when building your platform.

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Why You Need More Youtube Comments

Increase Your Video Rankings

If you want your videos to generate views on autopilot without putting extra effort, you must have some comments, getting them will help your videos rank better in search results, they will appear at the top in suggestions and other places.

Everything will be to your advantage when you have comments on your videos, videos with comments are ranked better than the ones without comments.

When you have a lot of views but no comments, it’s a sign of fake views, that is why if you are buying views you need to add more engagement to make it look genuine.

Video comments are one of the hardest to buy and Youtube is aware of this fact, that’s why they give into consideration the number of comments a video has when it comes to ranking videos. If you buy the comments right, they will help boost the video ranking within a short time.

Trigger Conversation On Your Video

Getting the first few comments is the hardest part; once the comments start coming, you will find that a conversation is triggered. If you take a look at the comment section of Youtube videos, you will find that most of the comments are conversations between users.

A lot of the comments aren’t concerning the video, but regarding the comment of another user. This way the viewers will keep engaging on your videos without you even knowing it, and the more these conversations are taking place, the more your video is benefitting from it.

More and more comments will keep showing up from users having conversations with themselves in the comment section. Also, if a video doesn’t have any comments, it’s hard to attract anyone to leave a comment, but if there are some already added, they will not hesitate to join the conversation.

More subscribers To Your Channel

An increase in any form of engagement can lead to an increase in subscribers to your Youtube channel; If your videos are generating comments, you will find that your subscribers are increased. When you have more and more subscribers coming to your channel, the growth of your Youtube account will also improve.

You will experience massive engagement on the channel when you have lots of subscribers added on a daily basis, Youtube will recognize such an account as a helpful one and they will favor it when it comes to promotion.

Having comments on the videos will spark more engagement on the video as well because viewers who didn’t want to drop their comment can be triggered to write something which will, in turn, attract more replies.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors

The best way to beat your competition is by having a better engagement on your videos; some can only buy views and likes, if you can attract more comments than them, you will realize that your videos perform better than theirs.

You definitely have competitors on Youtube and you don’t want to be left behind when it comes to getting more exposure for your videos. You have to make sure your videos are better and are attracting comments, this way you will stay ahead of them.

Boost Your Channel

Once Youtube recognizes your videos that are receiving lots of comments and other engagement, your channel will be boosted. This means that all content coming from that channel will rank better, even the channel will show up at the top when users search for the targeted keyword. New accounts that want to grow fast, need to generate massive comments for their videos.

Increase Video Popularity

In the comments, a lot of discussions are taking place, if this happens, the popularity of your video increases. The conversation is what sparks your videos and will encourage other viewers to share the video on all supported channels. The more popularity the video gets, the better ranking for that video on Youtube and Google.


Videos without any comments are somewhat suspicious, in the comments section viewers can see the opinions of others and will determine whether they should accept the information shared or should they just ignore it? If there are positive comments, it is a sign of credible information. On the other hand, if there are lots of negative comments, no one believes the content of such videos. You can see that having the comments increases your credibility on the platform in general.

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How To Buy Youtube Comments

Buying Youtube comments isn’t a big deal, but you can buy the comments and then end up in deletion by Youtube. Learning how to buy Youtube comments is the most important aspect; you have to know some factors or I can say rules in order to ensure the safety of your account.

You should learn how to select the right seller if you want to benefit from the comments you ordered for. Let’s share the rules you have to consider when buying Youtube comments.

  1. Buy Unique Comments; If the comments you are buying are not unique, you will not benefit from them and in most cases, they are deleted by Youtube. Unique comments mean they’re original in the sense that the same text has not been used on dozens of videos out there. Some services are in the habit of using the same comment text on all videos that ordered the comments. At the end of the day, they’re all deleted and they will not refund your money. All comments added to your video should look original and not a duplicate from other accounts.
  2. Don’t Use A Single IP Address For Accounts; You already know that you’re using an IP address whenever you’re browsing the web and most websites record your IP address including Youtube and other social media sites. If you attempt to log into dozens of accounts and then add your comments to a single video, a flag will be raised on your account which could mean suspension or deleting the comments. Make sure your Youtube comment sellers know how to hide real IP addresses using proxies and VPN so that each comment appears to come from a different user.
  3. Add Readable And Related Comments; Some use automation to add random comments that don’t make sense on the video and this happens because they use text spinner or rewriting tools, they let robots rewrite the comment text so that it looks unique and original. You don’t want to do that and your service provider should be aware of that. The comments you order should be readable to the average English speaker or whatever language you are targeting.
  4. Don’t Add The Youtube Comments In Bulk; Adding comments in bulk at once and then stop, will not be beneficial to your video. The Youtube comments need to be added in a gradual process so that the algorithm can’t detect they have been added with a purpose. They should be added in drips so that there wouldn’t be any flag on the account or the video receiving the comment.
  5. Test Your Seller; Once you finally come up with a reputable seller, you want to see how they operate and the type of comments you’re going to get. And most importantly you want to ensure the comments stay and there isn’t a flag raised from using their services. How can you achieve that? Well, by creating a new Youtube account to upload a video so that you can order comments for the video and see what happens. You can judge the quality of their services, then you decide whether to work with them or not.

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