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Buy Tiktok Real Comments

Buy TikTok Comments

Everyone is crazy when it comes to creating Tiktok videos and most of these videos hardly receive any significant engagement. It might be easier for you to get the views, but receiving engagement is the hardest part of your Tiktok promotion. It’s really sad to upload new content but to end up without any interaction, not receiving any engagement is a sign of low-quality content and you’re not creating content your audiences are looking for.

If you want to increase the exposure of your Tiktok videos, you should aim at increasing user comments. You’ll find most guides talking about increasing views and likes, and TikTok creators are always working towards increasing their content views and likes.

Comments aren’t easy to get because most of your viewers don’t have the time to type comments for your videos, some will just leave an emoji as the comment when responding to your video, which is not something you want. You have to convince the viewer to type some text in your videos if you want to increase the video ranking on Tiktok.

Buy TikTok Comments

Tiktok has already rolled out an update that introduced the video reply feature which allows users to reply to comments with a video. This makes it easier to reply to comments and it’s more effective than text and simple emojis. The question now is how to convince users to reply to your videos?

Receiving more comments is a significant part of your engagement and if you have been doing social media promotion for a while, you know how important it is when it comes to your profile growth.

All social media profiles use engagement as a factor to rank user content and also decide on the type of content to display in the user feed.

Some Tiktok creators will resort to buying comments if they can’t get organic comments on their videos, this will serve as a boost to help them spark a conversation and also increase their video ranking on the platform. This post will serve as a guide to help you understand the basic rules involved in buying TikTok comments, and you will also learn all the important aspects of increasing TikTok comments.

Best Sites To Buy TikTok Comments in 2024 as the best sites to buy TikTok Comments in 2024. Buying TikTok comments helps to enhance your brand awareness and build social proof on TikTok to reach more people. When you have more real TikTok followers, you’ll be able to create a more substantial presence on the platform and generate authority and credibility

Benefits Of Getting More Tiktok Comments

Benefits Of Getting More Tiktok Comments

Let’s Rank Your videos!

Like other social media platforms, TikTok also considers different factors to rank the content available on the platform. With its search engine algorithm, TikTok analyzes the most appreciated videos and content and makes it appear in the search results. The better the followers you have, the better your profile visibility increases.

Also, just like other social platforms, TikTok ranks videos considering different factors, which involve likes, comments, shares, and views on your TikTok videos. The more the views and engagement you have over your videos, the earlier TikTok ranks them on the homepage. It ultimately increases the visibility and traffic of your profile, ultimately increasing your followers too, so you grow organically every passing day!

More Views For Your Tiktok Videos

As you already know Tiktok isn’t like other social networks because your video views can come from both your followers and users that are not following your account. When a video is generating a lot of engagement like having more comments, the outreach for the video is increased by the Tiktok algorithm. Meaning that it will be displayed to users on the “FYP” page and in searches, more comments mean the Tiktok video is boosted for more exposure on the platform.

Receiving more comments is a sign of valuable content and that’s why the algorithm tends to favor videos with more comments and other engagement than videos without any comments on them. If the number of comments on a video is increased, you’ll realize that the number of views for that video has increased as well.

It’s Easier To Attract More Comments

When you upload a new video on Tiktok without any comment, you will realize that it’s hard to convince users to leave their comments on the video. Most social media platforms follow this trend; when viewers notice there are some comments, they will drop their comments, and vice versa. This is called the ‘Bandwagon effect’, it’s a principle that explains that people are more likely to do something when their peers are doing such a thing. For this reason, a lot of Tiktok creators are buying comments in order to drive more organic comments on their videos. It’s really easier to get the comments when you already have some of them on the video. If you have a new video and it’s not attracting any comments, do as much as you can to convince users to drop their comments even if it means paying them or offering something valuable like a freebie.

Boost New Tiktok Accounts

New Tiktok accounts find it hard to reach a wider audience, and that’s because they don’t have any significant engagement on their profile. Most of their videos have few views and likes, when you try to increase the number of comments and other engagement, the overall ranking of your Tiktok profile will improve which will result in your videos getting more attention. With more comments on your videos, your content will rank better on top search results, and the same applies to your profile as well.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

Whatever niche/industry you are into, you definitely have a lot of competition especially if you’re promoting your business. Since most of them don’t bother to add comments on their videos, you should take the lead and add as many comments as you can. This will make your Tiktok videos rank better than theirs and will result in more content exposures which is something every business owner is looking for. List down your competitors on Tiktok and go through all their videos to see if they have significant comments or not. If you find a few comments, you know that your videos will perform better once you add more comments on them.

Your Tiktok Videos Become More Popular

If you also want to increase the popularity of your Tiktok videos, work on increasing the comments as well. Any popular content on Tiktok has massive comments from users; having lots of comments is a sign of credibility for your content. It means viewers love your content and want to interact with it by leaving their comments. If you want to become popular, start by optimizing your videos so that they can attract comments from viewers, later we’ll talk about optimizing your Tiktok videos in order to attract viewers to comment on the videos. Just know how important it is to boost your comments if you want to increase your video and account popularity on Tiktok.


It’s a sign of authority to have massive engagement on your Tiktok content; You cannot claim authority in your niche while your content has little engagement. You can only prove your authority by having loyal viewers and followers on your account. Your loyal viewers and followers will always engage with your content by either liking it or leaving a comment. If you want to present yourself as an authority on Tiktok or social media networks in general, you should drive massive engagement including comments in all your social profiles.

New visitors to your profile will only identify you as an authority if your videos have massive comments, likes, and views. You should have better engagement than the average Tiktok account. If a Tiktok video is aimed at promoting products and services, the number and type of comments on that video will determine whether the viewer will trust your promotions or not. With a lot of positive comments on the video, it means you will have higher conversions for such products and services. On the other hand, if there are few comments, they will doubt your product or service.

Buy Tiktok Comments Promotion

Growth Strategies when Buy TikTok Custom Comments

As mentioned before, TikTok is young and still in its developing phases. That does not mean it is not profitable to be big on TikTok. Several companies are generating money on TikTok and earning many sales through the free promotion in the network. It would be best if you started right now because these opportunities might vanish in several years, and you will not be able to exploit them anymore. If you build a reasonably big loyal community right now, you can be ahead of everyone else who slept on this trend. Within the shortest time, you could be one of the network’s leaders and farm your rewards in the future.

When you want to expand rapidly, you must plan many things carefully ahead of the expansion. Including investments in your Growth, for example, when you buy TikTok Comments. This is an essential feature but can also be used with our other TikTok services. TikTok’s algorithm is simple to understand and not as sophisticated as other social media algorithms. Let us imagine the following situation: A video on TikTok generates many views in the network but has no comments. This indicates to TikTok that the content is not engaging enough for people to comment. Therefore, this content will be deemed to be not worth presenting to other users. That’s why buying TikTok Comments with every purchase of TikTok Views is vital. Or when you have received many Views already but did not have enough engagement under your video. It will indicate that your content is not just popular but also engaging. People die commenting on it because the content is so appealing.

It generates trust and confidence from the user in your profile. Users are way more likely to buy products from a company with a fabulous online presence with a big following than from a startup with no following and engagement worth mentioning. Therefore you need to ensure that you deserve your potential customers’ confidence. On the other hand, it is also crucial for companies to get enough TikTok comments under their posts. You take care of your good content, and we can help you boost all the numbers legitimately.

Growth Strategies when Buy TikTok Custom Comments

Why do I need to buy TikTok Custom Comments?

  • Get feedback from real TikTok users to boost the popularity of your site.
  • To help in attracting more organic traffic.
  • Increase the chances of being dramatically highlighted on TikTok.

Why Followersav is the best app to buy TikTok Custom Comments?

  • The free Followersav Android app allows real users like you to exchange subscribers / followers / likes / upvotes with other users in the safest way possible. Users with the Followersav app can earn coins by comment on other TikTok video post and then use the coins to redeem free subscribers / followers / likes / upvotes to their own video post.
  • Followersav does not use bots or auto TikTok comments. Our users are real, their interaction with you is real, the result is real. You do not have to believe what we say; simply download the free Followersav app and give it a spin!
  • Real users are not only safer compared to bots, but there is also a slim chance they may be genuinely interested in your video.

I need TikTok Comments (Custom) fast. How can I buy TikTok Custom Comments?

  • Yes you can choose to buy TikTok comments from Followersav if you want to get fast comments and don’t want to go thru the hassle of exchanging on the Followersav app.
  • After you have made payment, you will be given access to a dashboard where you can provide us with video URL, custom comments or any other required info.
  • We will start processing your order within 24 hours (often instantly!) once you have provided us with the necessary information in the dashboard. We will have to confirm your email if your Paypal email is different from your customer email.
  • Approximately 14 – 30 days delivery, depending on the size of your order. You will get a more accurate delivery timeline from our panel once your order has been placed.

What is the difference between free TikTok Comments and buy TikTok Custom Comments?

  • The main difference between free TikTok comments and buy comments is how fast you will be receiving the comments. Buying TikTok comments is much faster as exchanging comments takes time and effort. The quality of the TikTok comments is exactly the same – no bots, no auto comments!
  • Do not worry about your account getting banned for sudden increase in comments when you buy TikTok comments. We deliver orders gradually over a period of time (drip-feed) instead of in one go to safeguard your account.
  • The other major difference is that some product such as TikTok comments cannot be exchanged for free from the app and you can only buy comments from Followersav.

Do you offer any TikTok Custom Comments targeting options?

  • Currently no, you can’t geo target. We cannot promise any specific country and you will receive TikTok comments from users from all over the world. If your video post is only available for certain countries, contact support before placing your order and we will see what we can do for you.

Organic Boost after Buy TikTok Real Comments

Following the steps before, your profile will experience a massive organic boost. Many of our users receive thousands of organic Views and Comments after they buy TikTok Comments.

Finding the right balance between Followers, Views, and Comments would be best to get the optimal exposure. You can contact us via e-mail or live chat if you are unsure about these amounts.

We will gladly assist you and take a deeper look at your profile. As a rule of thumb, we suggest that for every 100 Views, you should have 10 Likes and get 1 TikTok comment. If you do not receive that, you can get the necessary amount on our website and buy TikTok comments directly on our website.

Organic Boost after Buy TikTok Real Comments


How to Buy Cheap TikTok Comments?

Followersav have made it far easy than before to cheap tiktok likes no matter what large number you want and wherever you are. Our team and we do not ask for any confidential information that might affect your account, such as account password, card detail, and username.

Buy Cheap TikTok Comments

All you have to do is follow these few steps to place your order and to make it processed:

  • Enter the URL of the TikTok video you want to buy comments for.
  • Enter the number of comments you want to buy.
  • Add your order to the cart.
  • Checkout and make the payment.

As soon as you place your order and the moment we receive it, our team makes it activated and starts working on it. We ensure to deliver your order within the given estimated time. In case of any query or assistance, you contact our support team as it is available 24/7.