How to Get More Followers on Instagram 2024: The Ultimate Guide

How to Get More Followers on Instagram 2024

You have created your Instagram account, posted a few photos, but find yourself wondering why you don’t have many followers. It’s frustrating, but don’t delete your account yet – you can turn this around. With a little strategy and effort, you can soon have a thriving Instagram account with many followers. In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn insider tips on curating high-quality content, using relevant hashtags, running giveaways, collaborating with influencers, and optimizing your profile. Follow these 10 powerful tactics to go from zero to influencer. Soon, you’ll be gaining followers daily and leveraging your account to achieve personal or professional goals. Let’s get started.

The Importance of Followers on Instagram

Having a large and engaged base of followers on Instagram can provide numerous benefits:

Increased Visibility and Reach

  • Every follower represents a potential viewer for the content you share on Instagram. More followers equals more exposure and visibility for your brand, business, or personal account. This wider reach can help attract new customers or opportunities.

Social Validation

  • A high follower count signals social credibility and influence to others on the platform. People are more likely to interact with accounts that appear well-liked and established, as indicated by the number of followers.

Improved Engagement

  • Followers provide the essential base for driving actions like likes, comments, shares, and more. These metrics of engagement become increasingly important for connecting with your audience and growing your account organically.

Ranking and Discovery

  • Instagram’s search and discovery features often highlight popular profiles with higher followings. This can drive further visibility and followers in a self-reinforcing cycle. Getting on recommended and trending lists requires strong follower growth.

Monetization Opportunities

  • For businesses, creators, and influencers, a sizable Instagram following opens up options to earn money through sponsorships, affiliates, selling products, or ad revenue share. Most monetization programs require meeting follower thresholds.

The number of people who follow you represents an invested audience and the foundation for achieving many of Instagram’s benefits for personal branding, business marketing, and community building. Continually producing great content and engaging with others drives follower growth over time.

How to Get More Organic Instagram Followers

“Organic” followers on Instagram refers to people who follow your account after discovering your content through searches, hashtags, the explore page, or other users’ posts. As opposed to buying followers or using artificial promotion, gaining authentic organic followers takes time and effort—but it’s ultimately more rewarding.

Here are effective tips for getting more organic Instagram followers in 2024:

  • Optimize Your Profile
    • Fill out your bio with useful info and keywords. Link to your website. Use an eye-catching profile pic and cohesive aesthetic in your posts. These signals help people understand your brand.
  • Post High Quality, Engaging Content
    • Post consistently with creative, inspiring visuals and captions. Use relevant hashtags. Ask questions. Post Stories. Quality content that resonates earns more engagement.
  • Be Active in Your Niche and Engage Followers
    • Comment on content in your industry. Like and thoughtfully reply to your followers’ posts. Ask questions in Stories and posts. Building connections leads to more followers.
  • Use Hashtags Strategically
    • Research the top hashtags in your niche. Use a mix of popular and very specific hashtags to increase discoverability. Using the right hashtags helps the right people find your content.
  • Run User-Generated Content Campaigns
    • Ask followers to create and share posts about your brand. This taps into authentic peer endorsement. Display these posts as Stories highlights or repost the best ones.
  • Collaborate with Micro Influencers
    • Partner with influencers who have highly engaged small followings in your niche. Co-create content that taps into their audiences. Ensure it’s a natural fit for both brands.

The key is posting content and interacting consistently that aligns with your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Over time, your high quality, thoughtful presence will convert visitors into engaged, organic followers.

Post Consistently With Quality Content

One of the most important things you can do to gain more Instagram followers is to post consistently with high-quality, engaging content.

Why Posting Consistently Matters

  • Posting consistently keeps your profile active. When you post daily or several times a week, you increase the chances that both existing and potential new followers will see your posts.
  • Consistency helps build trust and loyalty with your audience. Your followers will come to rely on seeing your posts appear regularly.
  • The Instagram algorithm favors active accounts. Accounts that post consistently tend to get boosted in recommendations and hashtags.

Tips for Posting Quality Content

  • Post eye-catching photos and videos. Use filters, editing tools, props, or camera techniques to make visually appealing posts. Bright colors and clean backgrounds work well.
  • Write interesting yet concise captions. Share your knowledge, tell a story, ask a question, or use humor to inspire engagement.
  • Use relevant hashtags so your posts appear in topic-related feeds. Research hashtags used by influencers in your niche.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments and questions on your posts. This helps foster community.
  • Check your analytics to see which types of posts (photo vs video, filters used, hashtags, etc.) perform best to inform future content.

Finding your optimal posting schedule takes some trial and error. Assess what frequency you can realistically maintain. Many influencers post once per day, while others post every other day or a few times per week. Just ensure you post consistently whatever schedule you choose.

Pair consistency with value-driven, high quality content, and your Instagram followers are sure to grow over time. Remain patient, as building an audience requires commitment, not shortcuts.

Optimize Your Profile to Attract Followers

Your Instagram profile acts as your virtual storefront, showcasing your brand to potential followers. Optimizing it with strategic elements will entice visitors to hit that all-important follow button.

  • Craft an informative bio. Write a short 1-2 sentence description of your brand, niche, or content focus. Include relevant keywords and emojis to catch the eye. Link to your website or online shop.
  • Upload a recognizable profile picture. Use a close-up headshot or your logo so visitors immediately connect your face/brand with your content. Display consistency with your other social profiles.
  • Add Stories highlights. Curate 5-10 Stories highlights that preview your best content. Intriguing highlights can prompt visitors to explore your page further. Organize by topic for easy navigation.
  • Leverage link buttons. Enable and customize the link buttons that appear in your bio. Send visitors to your online shop, email list sign up, Patreon page, etc. Offer followers valuable resources right from your profile.
  • Pin a compelling post. Select an eye-catching, popular post showcasing your brand and aesthetic and pin it to the top of your grid. This makes a strong first impression on visitors.
  • List relevant user names and hashtags. Including related Instagram handles and hashtags in your bio allows users to easily discover content similar to yours when they click through.
  • Add location details. Enable location tagging on your posts and list your location in your bio. This helps users in your local area encounter and connect with your brand.

With these best practices implemented, your Instagram profile will engage visitors, accurately convey your brand, and inspire that critical follow from potential new customers and fans. Continually refine it as your business grows.

Use Relevant Hashtags to Increase Visibility

Relevant hashtags are crucial for getting your Instagram posts seen by more users. Follow these steps to use them effectively:

1. Research popular hashtags

  • Use tools like Display Purposes and Hashtagify to discover trending hashtags related to your niche.
  • Look at posts and profiles similar to yours to find the hashtags they are using with high engagement.

2. Choose the best hashtags

  • Prioritize ones that are popular but not oversaturated. For example, #instagood (400M+ posts) is too broad.
  • Find a balance between niche hashtags (under 100K posts) and more popular ones (100K–1M posts) for the best visibility.

3. Customize hashtags for each post

  • Brainstorm a list of 5–10 hashtags that are relevant to the specific content in that post.
  • Mix niche and more popular hashtags.
  • Repeat 1–2 popular hashtags that you use across all posts for consistency.

4. Include hashtags in captions and comments

  • Place most hashtags in the caption for visibility.
  • Use no more than about 5% of the total character count.
  • Also add a few relevant hashtags (1-3) in the first comment to increase reach.

5. Evaluate and refine your hashtag strategy

  • Check Instagram analytics to see which ones drive the most profile visits and engagement.
  • Adapt your list over time based on performance data.

Using a targeted, data-driven hashtag strategy tailored to each post will significantly expand your audience on Instagram. Continually optimizing it based on metrics will help take your account to the next level.

Engage With Others – Like, Comment, Follow

  • You need to actively interact with other Instagram users in your niche if you want to gain more followers. Simply posting quality content is not enough – you have to engage with others.
  • Search hashtags related to your niche and like recent posts from other users. This notifies them that you exist. Liking photos is an easy way to make new connections.
  • Likewise, leave genuine comments on posts that catch your eye. This sparks conversation and raises awareness of your account. Ask questions, pay compliments, or share feedback.
  • Follow industry influencers, companies, and everyday users in your niche. They will likely check out your profile and some percentage will follow you back over time. The more you interact, the faster you gain.
  • Reply to any comments you receive in a timely manner. This shows followers you are invested in engaging with them. Ask questions to keep conversations going.
  • Like and comment on followers’ posts regularly too. This nurtures relationships with those already connected to you. People want to follow accounts that engage back.
  • In addition to manual interaction, you can use tools like Social Rank or Crowdfire to identify relevant Instagram users to engage with. Such tools even automate likes, comments and follows.
  • Just be sure any engagement comes across as genuine. Nobody likes spammy robot comments. Customize reactions based on specific post details.

The key is participating actively in your niche Instagram community through relevant conversations and connections. This visibility and relationship-building is what organically attracts more followers.

Run Contests and Giveaways

Contests and giveaways are a tried and tested way to quickly gain more Instagram followers. The promise of free stuff or a fun activity will entice people to check out your profile. Consider running contests with prizes like free products, gift cards, or exclusive content.

  • Hold a photo contest and ask entrants to use a branded hashtag or tag your account. Reward the best pics.
  • Do a repost giveaway where people must follow you and tag friends to enter a raffle. Repost winner’s content.
  • Collaborate with influencers in your niche to sponsor joint contests with great prizes, cross-promoting to each other’s audiences.
  • To maximize reach, promote all contests heavily by sharing posts across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email newsletters, and your website.
  • Keep rules and calls-to-action clear. Post visual reminders of entry deadlines. Make entering as frictionless as possible.
  • Message contest participants encouraging them to actively engage with your brand even if they don’t win. Provide exclusive discounts for playing.
  • Spotlight and celebrate winners on your feed. Seeing the payoff motivates more people to join next time.
  • Analyze each campaign’s success by tracking follower growth, engagement metrics, website clicks, and sales. Tweak future contests based on what performs well.

Exciting contests, especially with influential co-sponsors, capture attention fast. They incentivize targets to follow you for chances to win big. Keep campaigns lively and rewards relevant to make contests a powerful piece of your Instagram growth strategy.

Use Instagram Ads to Promote Your Account

Instagram Ads allow you to strategically promote your account and content to targeted audiences interested in your brand or niche. Consider leveraging Instagram Ads to efficiently grow an engaged following:

  • Run an Awareness campaign to get more eyeballs on your profile. Design creative and captivating ads showcasing your brand aesthetic and best content to capture attention. Drive traffic to your page to convert new visitors into followers.
  • Utilize Interest targeting capabilities. You can target users based on interests, behaviors, demographics and more to get your content and profile in front of qualified, high-intent audiences primed to follow your account.
  • Promote your best performing posts as feed ads to expand reach. Turn top posts into ads directly from Instagram to showcase your content to larger, more targeted audiences. This can rapidly grow your follower count.
  • Create a customized audience based on existing followers and website visitors. Leverage custom audiences of people who already know and like your brand to find similar potential followers.
  • Set clear campaign objectives like more profile visits, follows and post engagement. Track performance and optimize towards your goals. Consider testing different content types, creatives and targeting to refine strategy.
  • Take advantage of Instagram’s advertising platform while organically engaging followers through high-quality, consistent content publishing and strategic hashtagging, mentions and shares. Balance paid and organic growth for ideal results.

Instagram Ads offer robust targeting options and detailed analytics while keeping users within app. Get creative with ad formats and audiences while optimizing based on performance data to efficiently promote your profile to the right people. Combine with authentic relationship-building for sustained growth in real, engaged followers.

Get instagram followers in 2024

Gaining a steady stream of engaged Instagram followers takes time and strategy. By implementing targeted efforts, your account’s reach and influence will grow. Consider these key steps:

Optimize Your Profile

  • Complete your bio with relevant keywords. Briefly explain your brand, products, or services offered.
  • Upload an on-brand profile photo and customized highlights covers. Ensure images are high-quality and consistent with your aesthetic.
  • Link to your website or online store so followers can easily learn more and purchase.

Post Valuable Content

  • Share posts that provide value, information, or entertainment for your target demographic. Align content with your brand identity.
  • Utilize relevant hashtags so your posts appear in topic-specific feeds. Research hashtags used by competitors as well.
  • Post consistently, at least a few times per week. Posting daily or multiple times a day can help further increase engagement.

Engage With Your Audience

  • Respond to comments and questions on your posts in a timely manner. Also like and reply to comments from followers.
  • Follow accounts similar to yours as well as your target audience. Like and thoughtfully comment on their posts.
  • Repost quality user-generated content that mentions your brand. Be sure to give photo credit in your caption.

Implementing these methods requires dedication over an extended time period. But the payoff of more Instagram followers and brand advocates makes the effort worthwhile. Analyze what works well and continue fine-tuning your approach to maximize results.

Get followers for instagram 2024

  • Decide what type of account you want to have. Do you want to post personal photos or have a themed account focused on travel, food, fashion, etc.? Being consistent and posting content that aligns with a specific niche or area of interest will help attract followers.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your posts. Include a mix of popular hashtags with millions of posts (#beach, #sunset) along with very specific hashtags with just a few thousand posts (#mycitysunsets). The specific tags will help the right people find your content.
  • Post consistently at least a few times a week. Followers want to see regular updates in their feeds. Create a posting schedule to stay consistent.
  • Engage meaningfully with your audience. Like and comment on your followers’ posts. Reply to comments on your posts. Ask questions in captions to spark conversation. Build relationships.
  • Follow accounts similar to yours as well as people you’d like to have as followers. Like and comment on their posts. This raises awareness and often results in follows back or new followers checking out your account.
  • Use quality photos and videos that align with your account’s theme. Optimize images using filters and editing tools. Ensure adequate lighting. Capture interesting perspectives.
  • Promote your account outside of Instagram by sharing your posts or handle on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Cross-promotion will help increase reach.
  • Run giveaways and contests to incentivize follows. Require participants to follow you, like your post, tag friends in comments, etc. to enter to win prizes.
  • Use analytics to assess what posts and types of content receive the most engagement. Identify peak posting times based on when your followers are most active online. Adapt and optimize accordingly.
  • Consider taking out inexpensive Instagram advertisements to target potential new followers by interests, demographics, locations, etc. Ads can help accelerate growth.
  • Be patient and persistent. Gaining genuine, engaged followers requires consistency, interaction, high-quality content, and time. Stick with your efforts.

FAQs: How to Get More Instagram Followers

Gaining followers on Instagram can seem daunting, but with some effort and consistency, it is achievable. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about effectively growing your Instagram audience:

– What is the easiest way to gain more Instagram followers?

The easiest approach is to follow accounts similar to yours that are in your target niche. Like and thoughtfully comment on their posts. Some of those users will check out your profile and follow you back. You can also engage with hashtags related to your niche by liking and commenting on posts using those tags.

– Should I buy followers or use bots?

Buying followers or using bots is never recommended. Most purchased followers are fake accounts that will not engage with your content. Social media platforms can detect inauthentic activity and may penalize your account. Focus on growing real, organic followers.

– How often should I post to increase followers?

Posting daily is ideal, but 2-3 times per week is a good goal. Post consistently on the same days and times when your audience is most active. More posts lead to more opportunities for engagement and followers. Mix up your content with photos, stories, reels and IGTV.

– What type of content should I post to attract followers?

Post content that aligns with your niche, shows your brand’s personality, and provides value for your audience. For example, share behind-the-scenes footage, repost user-generated content, ask questions in captions to spark conversation, spotlight your products in action, or educate your audience on your area of expertise.

Experiment to see what your audience responds to best. Pay attention to engagement metrics on each post and do more of what’s working.


By following the tips outlined here, you now have actionable strategies to grow your Instagram audience organically. Focus on producing high-quality, valuable content, engage with others in your niche, leverage hashtags strategically, run contests and promotions, and analyze your metrics. With consistency, creativity and community building at the core, your account’s reach and impact is sure to expand. Stay adaptable as the platform evolves. Your vision, voice and understanding of your followers will guide you in making adjustments while staying true to your brand.

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