How to Get More Comments on Instagram Posts in 2024

How to Get More Comments on Instagram Posts in 2024

As a social media user, you strive for engagement on your Instagram posts. Comments signify interest and validation. With over one billion monthly active users on the platform, standing out takes strategy and effort. But never fear – small tweaks to your approach can draw more eyes to your content. Read on to unlock tips for snagging more comments and driving discussion around your shares. In 100 words, you’ll gain actionable advice to boost reactions and take your Instagram game to the next level.

Creative Ways to Get More Instagram Comments in 2024

Getting more comments on your Instagram posts allows you to increase engagement and connect with your audience. Consider incorporating some of these creative tactics:

  • Run contests or giveaways – Offer your followers the chance to win a prize by commenting, tagging friends, sharing a post, etc. This incentive goes a long way to drive participation. Ensure contest rules and eligibility are clear.
  • Ask thoughtful questions – Pose questions in your captions that prompt viewers to share their thoughts. This sparks back-and-forth discussion in the comments.
  • Leverage influencers – Work with nano or micro influencers in your niche by having them take over your account for a day or do a product review. Their engaged following helps drive comments.
  • Try Instagram Stories polls – Post a poll question in your Story and ask users to explain their vote in the comments section of your latest post. The intrigue factors pulls them in.
  • Host a Q&A session – Announce you’ll be answering questions in the comments for an allotted period of time. The real-time engagement makes fans feel valued.
  • Rally themed days – On Motivation Monday or Transformation Tuesday, request users share related comments about how your brand has impacted them.
  • Spotlight loyal followers – Recognize those who consistently show support and spur community vibes. Tag them in posts when relevant.
  • Reply to comments – Don’t just leave comments hanging – thoughtfully replying reinforces you appreciate user opinions and involvement.
  • Post at high-traffic times – Analyze when your followers are most active on the app and target key posting windows for maximum visibility.

Driving Instagram comments takes creativity, strategy and understanding your audience. Test different tactics and incentivize participation to grow relationships with your community. The dialogue moves the needle.

Should You Buy Instagram Comments? Pros and Cons

Purchasing Instagram comments may seem tempting as an easy way to increase engagement on your posts. However, there are pros and cons to consider before buying comments from third-party providers.

Potential Benefits

  • Increased visibility – More comments can make your post appear more popular and climb higher in hashtags and feeds.
  • Social proof – Lots of comments look like validation that your content resonates with viewers. This can encourage real users to also like and comment.
  • Quick fix – Buying comments provides instant feedback rather than waiting for organic engagement.

Potential Risks

  • Inauthentic activity – Fake comments from bots and inactive accounts are easy to spot and undermine legitimacy.
  • Violates terms – Instagram prohibits artificially inflating engagement, which can get accounts suspended.
  • Waste of money – Purchased comments disappear over time or may get deleted if flagged as spam. Paying for engagement does not guarantee increased visibility long-term.


  • Assess if your content quality and hashtag usage needs improvement to drive real engagement.
  • Engage frequently with your audience by liking posts and commenting thoughtfully. Reciprocation can help increase natural comments.
  • Run contests and ask questions in captions to incentivize audience participation.

While buying comments takes less effort, focus on improving content and community interaction for more meaningful Instagram growth. Prioritize quality over quantity of comments from real users.

How to Manage and Moderate Instagram Comments in 2024

Instagram comments are a fundamental component of engaging with your target audience. When effectively managed, comments can lead to meaningful connections, support community growth, and provide valuable insights. However, without moderation, comments can also become overwhelming or even detrimental. As an Instagram content creator, learning how to manage comments is crucial. Here are some best practices:

  • Set expectations upfront. Proactively communicate how you intend to moderate comments by posting community guidelines or commenting policies. Be clear on what types of comments will be removed while also encouraging constructive feedback. This transparency helps prevent confusion if you later delete comments.
  • Designate moderators. Appoint 1-2 trusted individuals to regularly review incoming comments alongside you. Having moderators distributes the workload and provides additional oversight. Ensure all moderators align on policies and removal criteria.
  • Respond thoughtfully. When replying to negative feedback or heated debates, remain calm and professional. Seek clarification if needed while avoiding assumptions. Thoughtful responses can diffuse tensions or provide learning moments. However, disengage from toxic exchanges.
  • Review frequently. Check comments at least once daily, if not more often for high volumes. Timely review enables moderators to nip issues in the bud before discussions spiral. Scheduling regular comment review sessions also creates consistency.
  • Utilize filters. Enable Instagram comment filters to automatically hide comments containing offensive words, spam phrases, or excessive repeating characters. Manually add custom filters based on past negative comment trends too. Filters augment human review.
  • Delete judiciously. Only remove comments contradicting guidelines or disrupting community norms. Explain removals through private messages if appropriate. Indiscriminate deletion frustrates well-meaning commenters. But banning repeat offenders helps sustain community ideals.

Thoughtful comment moderation requires diligence and care. By encouraging constructive engagement, listening to feedback, and filtering harmful exchanges, you can facilitate an inclusive space for community growth. Continually reassess approaches based on new comment patterns or issues. With practice, moderating comments becomes more intuitive over time.

Where to Buy Random or Custom Instagram Comments in 2024

When aiming to get more comments on your Instagram posts, one strategy is to purchase comments. There are a few reputable sites where you can buy random comments posted by real accounts or custom comments with specific text.

Random Comment Services

Several services allow you to buy a set number of random comments on your posts from real Instagram users for a fee. Some options include:

  • – A long-standing company that provides packages of 5, 10, or 20 random English comments. Prices range from $1 for 100 to $5 for 1000.
  • – Offers random English comments in bulk packages up to 100 comments, starting at $1.
  • – Features options for 5 to 100 random comments in English, Portuguese, Spanish or Arabic. Prices start at $2.97.

When using these services, the comments will come from legitimate-looking accounts and appear natural. However, you don’t control the actual comment text.

Custom Comment Options

If you want to dictate the wording of comments left on your posts, a custom service may better suit your needs:

  • – For $1, you can get 5 custom comments of up to 20 words each. Additional custom comments are $2.99 per comment.
  • – Lets you order exact custom comment text starting at $1 for 5 comments. Additional comments are $0,1 each.
  • – 5 custom comments of your choice are $4.99. You can buy up to 100 custom comments at $0.99 per additional comment.

With custom comments, ensure your specified text sounds natural and not overly promotional. Moderately positive or engaging comments tend to come across more authentic.

No matter which service you choose, carefully vet companies for legitimacy, quality and fair pricing before purchasing. Checking reviews can help avoid potential issues. And remember to comply with Instagram’s terms around artificially inflating engagement.

Instagram Comment Ideas for Online Businesses in 2024

As an online business, getting more comments on your Instagram posts is crucial to boost engagement. Here are some tips for crafting comments that spark conversations with your target audience:

  • Ask open-ended questions. Pose questions that invite responses rather than yes or no answers. For example, on a post showcasing a new product, you could ask: “Which color would you choose?”
  • Run polls and contests. Request feedback through polls asking followers to vote on their preferences. Or hold contests for user-generated content that requires commenting to enter, like asking people to tag a friend.
  • Highlight user-generated content. If someone posts a photo with your product or mentions your business, repost that content and tag the user. This makes them feel valued and encourages more engagement.
  • Share behind-the-scenes details. Give a peek at your company culture or product development process. Followers love inside info they can’t get anywhere else. Ask about their interest in seeing more of the same.
  • Reply to comments. Have real conversations in the comments for more back-and-forth. Respond to questions, concerns, feedback, and even just friendly comments.
  • Post consistently. Accounts that post daily or a few times a week tend to get more engagement than sporadic posters. Offer followers incentive to check back by posting regularly.

Implementing a mix of these Instagram comment ideas gives your content more opportunities to connect with your audience. Test out different approaches and see which spark the most conversations to drive even more engagement over time. Pay attention to the types of comments your followers respond to best. Craft future content and commentary focused on those successful areas.

How to hide Instagram comments in 2024

Instagram provides several ways to hide or remove comments on your posts in order to curate conversations and maintain a positive environment. Here are some methods to consider:

  • Turn off commenting on a post – When sharing a post, tap “Advanced Settings” and toggle off commenting. This disables all comments. You can turn commenting back on at any time.
  • Hide a comment – Tap the comment icon on a specific comment. Select “Hide Comment” to make it invisible to everyone except you and the user who posted it.
  • Delete comments – Tap the comment icon and choose to delete comments individually or in bulk. Deleted comments are permanently removed.
  • Block words or phrases – Enable keyword filtering in Settings to automatically hide comments containing blocked words. Add common slurs, insults or spam phrases.
  • Restrict users – Prevent an individual from commenting by restricting them in Settings. They can still see and react to posts, but cannot comment.
  • Moderate comments – Activate comment moderation to manually approve comments before they appear. This allows filtering out hateful, promotional or irrelevant remarks.
  • Limit audience – Adjust post visibility settings so only people you approve can view or react to posts if receiving abusive comments from random accounts.
  • Report harassment – Document and report abusive users or organized harassment campaigns to Instagram for violating community guidelines and terms of service.

Controlling your commenting experience promotes constructive conversations and limits toxicity. Evaluate the context before hiding, deleting or reporting comments to find the right balance for your account’s needs. Focus on building an inclusive space centered around your creative content.

How To Edit, Hide, And Delete Comments On Instagram in 2024

Instagram allows you to manage the comments on your posts in a few ways:

Edit Comments

If you notice a typo or error in a comment you’ve left, you can edit it:

  • Tap the comment to open it.
  • Tap “Edit” in the top right.
  • Make your changes, then tap “Done” to save edits.

You cannot edit comments left by other people.

Hide Comments

To hide a comment someone else left without deleting it:

  • Swipe left on the comment.
  • Tap “Hide” to confirm.

The comment will still be visible to the person who posted it, but hidden from your followers.

Delete Comments

To remove a comment completely:

  • Swipe left on the comment.
  • Tap the trash icon to delete.

You can delete any comment on your own posts, whether written by you or another user.

When deleting comments, keep courtesy and mindfulness of others in perspective. Removing constructive criticism or dissenting opinions should be balanced with allowing free speech.

Disable Commenting

If discussion on a post becomes unproductive or inappropriate, you can turn off commenting entirely:

  • Tap the 3 dots above your post.
  • Select “Turn Off Commenting” and confirm.

Comments can be re-enabled any time. Consider a measured approach that allows free expression without enabling harm.

Managing comments with wisdom and discretion fosters a positive, uplifting environment that brings people together around your content.

Buy IG Comments

Consider Purchasing Comments

Buying Instagram comments is an option to explore if you want to quickly increase engagement on your posts. There are services that sell real-looking comments from real accounts at affordable prices. This strategy can be effective, but also has some drawbacks.

Potential Benefits

  • Gets conversation started on posts faster
  • Makes account look more popular and credible
  • Boosts visibility in hashtags and on explore page
  • Encourages real users to join in commenting

What to Look For

When purchasing Instagram comments, seek services that:

  • Use real, active accounts
  • Write comments relevant to your content
  • Stagger delivery over days/weeks
  • Have money-back guarantees

Risks and Considerations

  • Comments may seem robotic or spammy
  • Engagement could seem artificial if not done properly
  • Violates Instagram terms if using fake accounts or bots
  • Requires ongoing purchases to maintain illusion

Tips for Implementation

If utilizing purchased comments:

  • Research seller reputation carefully first
  • Start small to test quality and appearance
  • Mix purchased comments into real engagement
  • Respond and engage with commenters

In the end, authentic engagement always resonates most with audiences. Consider paid comments temporarily to build initial interest, but focus more on providing value and connecting with real users.

How to Buy Real Comments Instagram in 2024

Increasing engagement with real comments on your Instagram posts can help grow your account. Consider these tips:

  • Use reputable sites to buy real Instagram comments from active users such as, or
  • Aim for comments that seem authentic – varying lengths, emojis, questions. Avoid bot-like comments.
  • Start slow. Buying 50-100 new comments per post is enough to build momentum.
  • Focus on recent posts first. Comments on older posts may seem suspicious to followers.
  • Reply to commenters. This helps convert them to real followers over time through further engagement.
  • Use comments to encourage dialogue. Ask questions and respond thoughtfully to drive organic growth.
  • Pay attention to comment quality over quantity. Even a few thoughtful comments are more valuable than many meaningless ones.
  • Don’t rely solely on bought comments long-term. Focus on improving content to drive genuine interest and discussion.

With some caution, buying real Instagram comments can kickstart engagement and give recent posts a credibility boost. But strive for an audience that truly connects with your account through curiosity and shared interests over time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Instagram Comments

When considering purchasing Instagram comments, you likely have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

Why should I buy Instagram comments?

  • Buying comments can make your posts appear more popular and engaging. This can encourage real users to also like and comment.
  • More comments signals to the Instagram algorithm that your content is interesting. This may increase your reach and exposure.

What types of comments can I buy?

  • Most services offer generic comments like “Awesome post!” or emoji comments.
  • You can also request custom comments that are related to your post content. This looks more natural.

Will the comments be real looking?

  • The source and authenticity varies amongst providers. Higher quality services use real looking profiles instead of fake bot accounts.

How many comments should I buy?

  • Start small with 50-100 new comments and assess the impact before purchasing more. Too many comments at once can seem suspicious.

Can buying comments get my account banned?

  • There is some risk with any third party service that violates Instagram’s terms. Reputable providers are less risky. Using moderation is wise.

How much does it cost?

  • prices range from $5-$10 for every 100 generic comments. Custom comments are more. Shop around for the best deals.

Let me know if you have any other questions! Being informed helps ensure good results when increasing Instagram engagement.


Moving forward, apply the techniques discussed to make your Instagram presence more engaging. Focus on improving visual appeal, using relevant hashtags, running contests and asking questions in captions. Interact thoughtfully with your existing audience while expanding your reach. Measure which tactics elicit more comments over time and double down on what works. With some trial and error, you’ll be on your way to more comments and greater Instagram success. Stay persistent and creative as you build meaningful connections through this platform.

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