How to Get Free Followers on TikTok Organically and Ethically 2024

How to Get Free Followers on TikTok Organically

As a new user on TikTok, gaining followers organically and ethically can feel like a challenge. With creativity and consistency, you can grow an authentic audience that engages with content you feel good about putting into the world. This article provides tips to increase your visibility, build community with fellow creators, and develop original videos that capture interest. Implementing these suggestions with patience and care will lead you to followers who connect with the messages you hope to spread.

How to Get More TikTok Followers Ethically in 2024

Gaining a large following on TikTok organically and ethically requires creating consistently high-quality content that resonates with viewers. Here are some best practices:

  • Focus on value, not vanity metrics. Don’t get caught up in chasing follower counts. Instead, aim to provide entertainment, information, inspiration, or other forms of value. Viewers will respond to content they truly enjoy or find useful.
  • Understand your niche and target audience. Study popular sounds, hashtags, and trends related to your niche. Analyze the types of content and creators that thrive in your niche. Tailor your content accordingly to best appeal to your target demographic.
  • Post at optimal times. Pay attention to when your target audience is most active on TikTok and aim to post around those high-traffic periods. Generally late afternoons and evenings tend to see more engagement.
  • Use relevant hashtags and sounds. Include a mix of popular and niche hashtags so your content surfaces for more potential viewers. Use trending sounds and properly attribute them.
  • Engage meaningfully with your community. Reply regularly to comments, collaborate with fellow creators, host Live sessions. Building authentic connections earns loyalty.
  • Avoid engagement groups or fake metrics services. Short-term gains from disingenuous tactics rarely outweigh long-term brand damage. Focus on merit and quality.

With consistent, thoughtful effort, it’s possible to steadily gain a respectable following without resorting to shady practices. Trust that providing value pays off in the long run.

Optimizing Your TikTok Profile to Gain Followers

Gaining followers organically on TikTok starts with having an attractive, professional profile that makes people want to follow you. Here are some tips for optimizing your profile to achieve quality growth:

Complete Your Profile Details – Fill out the bio, website, and other profile fields completely. This gives visitors more context about your brand or interests when deciding whether to follow.

Profile Photo – Use a high-quality, eye-catching headshot that shows your face clearly. People like to follow real people.

Username – Choose a memorable but professional username related to your niche or brand. Avoid random combinations of numbers and letters.

Link Other Social Media – Add links to your other social media profiles like Instagram or YouTube so visitors can check out and follow your content there as well.

Craft an Engaging Bio – Write a short, friendly bio that summarizes what you do and encourages people to follow you for more.

Use Branded Hashtags – Include 1-2 branded hashtags in your bio related to your niche or content focus. This helps signal to visitors what you will post about if they follow you.

Choose a Tone and Niche – Decide on an overall tone, style and niche for your channel and optimize all profile elements to align with that aesthetic. Consistency helps build your authority faster in a specific niche.

Feature Your Best Content – Pin some of your top-performing, visually appealing videos to the top of your profile to showcase your content abilities to prospective followers.

Continually refining and updating these profile elements is essential not only to gain more followers, but to gain followers who genuinely enjoy your content and engage with it often. Focus on organic growth through great content and genuine community connections.

Creating Shareable Content That Resonates

Creating content on TikTok that genuinely resonates with viewers and compels them to engage is the key to gaining followers organically. Focus on identifying your niche, crafting videos that provide value, and optimizing your content for discovery.

Determine Your Niche and Brand Voice

  • Pinpoint a specific niche that you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This authenticity will come through in your content.
  • Establish a consistent brand voice that aligns with your niche. Whether fun and playful or more educational in tone, ensure it feels natural.

Provide Value for Viewers

  • Concentrate on serving viewers’ needs by creating informative, helpful, or entertaining content.
  • Share your unique perspective on your niche through commentary, how-tos, reactions, comedy sketches and more.
  • Educate and inspire. Position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Optimize Content for Maximum Discoverability

  • Use relevant hashtags and songs/sounds to make it easy for viewers interested in your niche to find your content.
  • Engage with niche communities by duetting, stitching, and commenting on other creators’ videos.
  • Analyze data on your best-performing videos and replicate what works to build momentum.

Gaining TikTok followers authentically is about consistency, value, and understanding your audience. Set yourself apart in a positive way. Produce shareable content that informs or entertains. Interact with supportive communities. Continually optimize based on key metrics. By providing value, your niche audience will respond.

Using Hashtags to Get on the FYP and Reach New Followers

Leveraging popular hashtags is critical for getting your TikTok videos onto more users’ “For You” pages (FYP) and reaching new followers organically. Carefully choose hashtags that are relevant to your content and niche to increase your discoverability.

  • Research trending hashtags using sites like TikTok itself as well as other third-party sites. Look at posts using those tags to ensure your content aligns.
  • Target both broadly popular tags as well as niche-specific ones to cast a wide net. For example, #DanceMoves, #CookingTips and #BookTok.
  • Use enough hashtags (typically 11-15) for visibility but not so many that you appear spammy. Place most hashtags in the caption rather than in a big block in the comments.
  • Create your own original hashtags centered around your personal brand. Using distinctive tags on each video makes it easier for viewers interested in your content to find more of your posts.
  • Use hashtag challenges like #BookTok when appropriate to align your content with popular TikTok trends and themes. But avoid bandwagoning onto irrelevant viral tags just for views. Stick to hashtags that authentically relate to your niche.
  • Analyze hashtag performance over time and iterate based on which tags are driving more views, likes and traffic back to your profile. Remove ones that aren’t performing well.

Strategically using the right mix of popular and niche hashtags will signal to TikTok’s algorithm that your content deserves to be shown to more potential followers. This can kickstart viral growth by leveraging existing platform features in an ethical way. Consistently using this tactic can organically grow your audience.

Collaborating With Other Creators to Gain Exposure

To grow your followers organically on TikTok, consider collaborating with other creators. This allows you to tap into their audience and gain valuable exposure.

Identify Potential Collaborators

  • Seek out creators in a similar niche or with complementary content. For example, if you post comedy skits, team up with someone who does humorous commentary.
  • Look at engagement metrics – views, likes, comments, shares. Creators with good engagement can introduce your content to an engaged audience.
  • Ensure values align. Collaborate only with those who create content responsibly and respectfully.

Initiate Contact

  • Politely reach out via comments or direct messaging. Introduce yourself and propose a collaboration idea.
  • Suggest content formats like a co-created video, shoutouts, recreating each other’s videos. Provide ideas that offer mutual benefit.
  • Establish guidelines upfront – content goals, credits and links, revenue or sponsorships, etc. to set clear expectations.

Execute a Successful Collaboration

  • Co-create lighthearted, entertaining content that plays to both creators’ strengths.
  • Give an enthusiastic, genuine introduction of your collaborator and links to their profile/content.
  • Ensure proper credits and permissions for any content use.
  • Cross-promote the collaboration to your own audiences. Like, comment, share.
  • Maintain a respectful, ethical approach focused on creating value for viewers over self-interest.

Following these tips can lead to fruitful creator collaborations that expand your reach and visibility. Most importantly, nurture relationships in the spirit of goodwill. The TikTok community recognizes and rewards authenticity.

Running TikTok Contests & Challenges

TikTok contests and challenges are a great way to ethically grow your followers. They are also an effective method to engage and reward your existing followers, while building community around your brand. Here are some professional tips to run successful contests on TikTok:

  • Define clear rules and guidelines. State the exact steps needed to enter, eligibility requirements, start and end dates, judging criteria, and the prize(s). This helps set expectations and prevent confusion.
  • Comply with laws and platform policies. Review FTC disclosure rules, platform contest policies, and local laws to ensure your contest complies with regulations. Disclose sponsorship and obtain parental consent if needed.
  • Keep it positive and inclusive. Avoid contests that exclude people or propagate stereotypes. Instead, focus on skill, talent or spreading helpful information.
  • Make entry and judging fair. Do not make entry dependent on following or tagging others. Judge entries impartially based on merit.
  • Spotlight user creativity. Design challenges that empower users to create novel, engaging content showcasing their skills and passion.
  • Offer relevant, ethical prizes. Provide prizes connected to your brand that participants value but avoid over-the-top or unethical incentives. Gift cards, merch, or shoutouts are good options.
  • Credit winners and feature entries. Obtain contestants’ consent to repost their content if you plan to feature entries. Credit all winners properly and deliver prizes promptly.

Running well-designed contests not only gains followers but also fosters community. Most importantly, uphold ethics and inclusiveness as you engage audiences through creative challenges.

Going Live to Engage With Your Audience

Going live on TikTok is an incredibly powerful way to engage with your existing followers and reach new audiences. Broadcasting live videos allows you to have real-time interactions with viewers through features like chat, Q&As, duets, and more.

Why Go Live?

  • Livestreams allow for more authentic connections since followers get to see the “real you” in an unedited broadcast. This helps humanize your brand.
  • The live video format lends itself well to behind-the-scenes looks, announcements, Q&As, challenges, collaborations with followers, and other creative concepts.
  • TikTok prominently features live videos on the “For You” feed to help creators reach new viewers. Simply going live can help expand your audience.

Best Practices for Going Live

  • Promote your livestream schedule in advance on your TikTok profile and other social channels to build anticipation.
  • Test your internet connection, lighting, camera angle, and surrounding environment ahead of time. Make any adjustments needed to ensure a smooth broadcast.
  • Engage with commenters by name when possible and verbally address questions or feedback. This level of interaction is what makes live video so powerful.
  • Save your livestreams afterward! TikTok automatically saves live broadcasts so you can repost as regular videos.
  • Analyze viewer drop off rates, comments, Q&As and other metrics from each livestream to refine and improve for next time.

Leveraging TikTok’s live streaming tools in an authentic, engaging way is a proven tactic for making meaningful connections and sustaining organic growth over time. Approach livestreams strategically and stay committed to interacting with your community.

Promoting Your TikTok on Other Social Channels

Promoting your TikTok profile organically can help reach new audiences and gain more followers ethically. Consider cross-promoting your TikTok content on other social media platforms you actively use:

Link to TikTok Profile in Bio

  • Update your bio or profile descriptions on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to include your TikTok handle or a direct link to your TikTok profile. This makes it easy for visitors to discover and follow your TikTok.

Share TikTok Videos on Other Platforms

  • Share your popular TikTok videos directly on Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Facebook Watch, or as regular posts on Twitter and Instagram feeds. This gives existing followers a taste of your entertaining TikTok style.

Embed TikTok Feed on Website

  • Display your TikTok profile prominently on your website by embedding your TikTok feed. This allows web visitors to preview your content without leaving your site.

Hashtags and Captions

  • Use relevant hashtags and captions that tie together your TikTok videos and other social posts. This helps followers make connections across platforms.

Live Cross-Platform

  • Go live simultaneously on TikTok and other platforms like Instagram or YouTube. Alert your followers across each platform that you are dual streaming.

Collaborate with Influencers

  • Partner with influencers who actively link to their TikTok and have engaged communities. Request they share your TikTok content or do collab videos.

By organically promoting your TikTok profile with your other social networks in these ethical ways, more users can discover and follow your quality content. Focus on providing value for your communities while making meaningful connections.

One way some try to gain more TikTok followers is by purchasing followers from third-party sites or services. However, this approach has serious ethical concerns and risks.

Why Buying Followers is Problematic

  • It is misleading to viewers and distorts your true following. Purchased followers are often bots or inactive accounts, not real people actually interested in your content.
  • It goes against TikTok’s terms of service and can get your account suspended or banned. TikTok aims to provide an authentic experience and frowns upon artificially inflating followers.
  • The followers you buy typically will not engage with your videos. Without real engagement from followers, your content reaches fewer real users, limiting potential growth.
  • It sends the wrong message if you’re trying to build a brand. Follower counts built on purchases rather than merit can undermine perceptions of integrity.

Recommended Alternatives

Rather than buying followers, focus on creating captivating content and engaging genuinely with others on TikTok. Ethical ways to gain more real followers include:

  • Optimizing your profile to showcase your brand and content offerings clearly to attract the right followers.
  • Using relevant hashtags so your content pops up alongside trending topics and is discovered by those interested in your niche.
  • Commenting and collaborating with creators who have an audience similar to your target demographic. Cross-promotion can expand your reach significantly.
  • Running giveaways and contests to incentivize current viewers to follow you and spread the word about your account.

Stay patient, post consistently, and interact authentically. While real growth takes more work, real followers ultimately pay higher dividends for your brand over the long term.

Best Sites Buy Tiktok Followers In 2024

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After buying followers from legal sites, do this to grow your TikTok account:

  • Producing creative, valuable videos consistently
  • Using relevant hashtags so your content surfaces in searches
  • Engaging with your current followers by responding to comments and messages
  • Promoting your videos on other platforms where you have an audience
  • Running TikTok ad campaigns targeted to your niche

While genuine growth takes more time and effort, you will end up with real fans who engage with your brand. Stick to ethical tactics, make great content, utilize TikTok’s tools for discovery, and your account can gain followers organically over time.

How To Increase Tiktok Followers in 2024

Focusing on organic, ethical growth is key when building your TikTok following. Here are effective strategies to gain more real followers:

Post Consistently

  • Commit to uploading 1-2 quality videos per day. Consistency keeps your profile active and surfaces your content to more users.
  • Take advantage of trends and viral sounds. Comment on popular videos in your niche to get discovered.

Optimize Your Profile

  • Fully complete your profile with links, hashtags, an engaging bio and profile picture. This builds credibility with potential followers.
  • Curate an aesthetically pleasing profile grid showcasing your best videos. An attractive profile makes users more likely to hit “Follow.”

Engage With Your Audience

  • Reply to all comments and messages. Building relationships leads to higher engagement and retention.
  • Dedicate time daily to actively like, comment and share other videos. This drives traffic back to your profile.
  • Collaborate with similar creators for organic cross-promotion opportunities.

Analyze Performance

  • Utilize TikTok analytics to optimize future content based on top-performing videos.
  • Track growth over time to monitor traction. Consistency is key to building a loyal, trustworthy following.

With a thoughtful, ethical approach focused on value creation, you can establish authentic engagement and gain TikTok devotees over time. Avoid fake followers or spammy tactics – the most sustainable growth comes from nurturing real connections.

The Ethics and Legality of Buying Followers

While it may be tempting to take shortcuts and utilize follower bots or purchased followers to quickly gain a TikTok following, this approach raises both ethical and potential legal issues that should be carefully considered.

  • Using bots or buying followers is misleading, as the followers are not real people genuinely interested in your content. This artificially inflates perceived interest and risks decreasing organic reach.
  • Purchased followers and bots can diminish content quality over time by incentivizing creators to focus on vanity metrics rather than authentic community building.
  • Depending on your jurisdiction, using bots or purchasing followers may violate consumer protection laws related to artificial inflation of popularity and metrics. Penalties can include account suspension, legal action, or fines.

Recommended Alternatives

Rather than utilizing questionable shortcuts, focus on organic community-building for more ethical and effective follower growth:

  • Optimize hashtags, captions, and calls-to-action inviting engagement. Well-written, searchable metadata fuels discovery.
  • Cross-promote compelling content across other social platforms where you have an established audience.
  • Collaborate with creators who align to your brand and niche to expand your reach within communities.
  • Analyze peak posting times and frequently used audios, effects, and trends within your niche to align content strategies to audience interests.

With a thoughtful, audience-focused approach, you can grow an authentic, engaged TikTok community that loves your brand. The connections built will fuel long-term success far beyond vanity metrics. While buying TikTok followers may seem tempting, it is not recommended. Here are some ethical tips to gain a genuine following organically:

  • Focus on creating quality content that resonates with your target audience. Engaging videos tailored to your niche will capture real interest over fake followers.
  • Use relevant hashtags so your content reaches people interested in your topic. Research popular and niche hashtags to increase discoverability. Using 10-20 niche tags per video can expand your reach.
  • Engage meaningfully with others by liking, commenting and sharing their content. Do not spam – instead, offer thoughtful feedback and encouragement. This makes people more inclined to check out your profile.
  • Post consistently to remain on viewers’ For You pages feeds. Aim to post 1-2 quality videos per day to steadily gain loyal fans.
  • Analyze your best-performing content and make more of it. Pay attention to factors like length, music, visuals, captions, hashtags and topic to determine what resonates most with your followers.
  • Promote on other social platforms where you have an established audience. Direct interested followers from Instagram, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook to check out your TikTok account.
  • Collaborate with niche creators by duetting or stitching popular videos. Partner with aligned accounts to access each other’s audiences and cross-promote.

With a thoughtful, patient approach focused on value and community, you can build an authentic, engaged TikTok following that will amplify your brand impact. Stay patient and keep creating!

How To Make Money on TikTok in 2024

While TikTok is a fun app for sharing short videos, it also offers opportunities to make money. There are several legitimate ways to monetize your TikTok account while being mindful of your viewers.

1. Enable Your Profile for the Creator Fund

  • TikTok has a Creator Fund that pays users based on the engagement and views their videos receive. To qualify, you need at least 10,000 authentic video views in the last 30 days and 1000 followers.
  • The Creator Fund pays around 2-4 cents per 1000 video views. While that may not seem like much, it can add up over time as your following and viewership grows.

2. Use Affiliate Links

  • If you recommend products or services, use affiliate links and receive a small commission whenever someone makes a purchase after clicking your link.
  • Popular affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, Shopify, Clickbank, and ShareASale. Be transparent about affiliate relationships by disclosing them visibly.

3. Sell Merchandise

  • Custom branded merchandise like t-shirts, water bottles, phone cases etc related to your brand or videos can provide additional income streams. You can design your own merch or use print-on-demand companies like Teespring and Redbubble.

4. Promote Brand Partnerships

  • As your following grows into tens or hundreds of thousands you become attractive for brand partnerships and sponsorships.
  • Ethically promote relevant brands in your niche for a fee without compromising your content quality. Ensure sponsored content follows FTC guidelines.

The key is focusing first on creating authentic, engaging content and building a loyal following. Building a community should take priority over making money. With creativity and some hustle, TikTok can help supplement your income. But stay grounded in ethics and add value for your viewers.

How To Get Paid On Tiktok in 2024

To get paid on TikTok and turn your account into a source of income, there are a few options to consider:

Join the Creator Fund

  • TikTok’s Creator Fund allows popular creators to earn money directly from TikTok based on their views. To qualify, you need at least 10,000 authentic video views in the last 30 days.
  • If accepted, you’ll earn a set amount per 1,000 video views, though the exact rate varies. This creates a steady stream of income tied to your viewership.

Sell Merchandise

  • You can create and sell custom merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases and more printed with your logo or catchphrases from your videos.
  • Several sites like Teespring allow you to easily set this up. You earn a commission on each item sold. Promote your merch in your TikTok bio link.

Promote Brand Partnerships

  • Once you build a sizable, engaged audience, brands may reach out asking you to create sponsored content and endorse their products.
  • The compensation can be substantial if you can negotiate a competitive rate based on your audience size and typical engagement.

Add Donation Links

  • Die-hard fans may donate money directly to you out of appreciation.
  • You can add donation links to PayPal, Patreon or similar services in your profile. Even small donations can add up over time.

Diversifying with a mix of these money-generating approaches helps ensure consistent income. Most importantly, keep creating great content that your audience loves. The revenue will follow.

FAQ: Should I Buy TikTok Followers in 2024?

While it may be tempting to take shortcuts and purchase followers, buying engagement on TikTok is never recommended. Here’s why you should avoid buying followers and focus on organic growth instead:

  • Inauthentic: Purchased followers are bot accounts or inactive users, not real people genuinely interested in your content. This looks inauthentic to users and to TikTok’s algorithm.
  • No Engagement: Fake followers do not like, comment on, or share your videos. You want real humans actively engaging with your content.
  • Risk of Shadowban: TikTok may flag accounts with inauthentic activity. You could get shadowbanned from recommendations and the For You page where you gain real followers.
  • It’s Against Guidelines: Buying engagement violates TikTok’s Terms of Service. You risk penalties, suspensions, or bans.

So What Should You Do Instead?

Rather than wasting money on fake followers that damage your account, focus time on creating captivating, high-quality content and organically growing your audience. Ethical tips include:

  • Optimizing hashtags, captions, and video content itself to spread to new users.
  • Engaging genuinely with your audience by liking, commenting, and collaborating.
  • Posting consistently with good video production quality and creative concepts.
  • Promoting your profile via other social channels to drive real interested users.

While genuine growth takes more work upfront, you end up with real fans, better engagement, and avoid TikTok algorithm penalties. Stick to best practices for organic growth to build an authentic, active audience that truly enjoys your content.


The key to gaining a steady organic follower growth on TikTok is consistency, quality content that provides value, and genuine engagement with others. Stick to posting original videos regularly in your niche, foster relationships by commenting and liking others’ content, use relevant hashtags, and optimize your profile. Building an authentic community may start slowly but can snowball over time. Stay patient, keep experimenting to find what resonates, and remain thoughtful about the impact your content has. If you focus on creating entertaining or helpful videos with care and consideration, you’ll be on the right path to gaining more followers in an ethical way.

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